Royal Haven Estate Visualization

Royal Haven Estate promise to bring to you a place close to nature. Inspired by lifestyle and dreams, every inch of the estate represents luxury, elegance and style while not compromising on functionality comfort and safety, with sophisticated and luxurious retreat that reflects a magical merging of inspiration and architecture and poised to be one of a kind and next to none .

  • Street Lights

  • Electricity

  • Perimeter fencing

  • Potable water

• Drainage
• Gated Community
• Recreational Facilities
• Secure community


Smart Investment Opportunities. Become A Landlord.

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Our company is PWAN HAVEN INVESTMENT AND REALTORS LIMITED and is an acronym for Property World African Network (PWAN) and a place of shelter and safety (HAVEN). PWAN HAVEN is a property marketing and information company located in Lekki, Lagos. We are into providing HOME ownership and INVESTMENT opportunities.

We provide and develop choice properties in the communities we serve, a gathering place for caring and a safe Haven for residents to enjoy.

Fedrick Okpaje


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